Sequential Patterns

by Sinisa Cekic

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  • Hi GMCers,

    Welcome to my new lesson about Sequential Pattern exercises.

    What is it? The simplest explanation would be to take a group of several tones (4 in this case) and play them in the order - 1,2,3,4 - that would be a sequence!
    Now, take the second group, but the first tone of the second group will be the second tone of the previous group! Take a look - 1234-2345-3456-4567-5678.

    Here I have shown three examples which you can practice and warm up with.
    The first exercise is the A minor pentatonic, the second is the B Dorian mode (with the addition of the blue note, F note), and the last one - C major scale.

    Tempo :
    Signature : 4/4
    Chord progression: Am,D/ Bm,E/ C
    Techniques: Alternate picking
    Equipment: Sonar8 DAW, Amplitube 2 guitar plugin

    Have fun practicing!

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