Shawn Lane: Beginner

by Ben Higgins

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  • Hello and welcome to my new lesson. What I have for you this time is something a bit special. We're attempting the impossible: Taking the licks of Shawn Lane and making them easy. How? Well, by slowing them down of course!

    Shawn Lane (March 21, 1963 – September 26, 2003) was an exceptionally capable guitarist whose technique still blows people's minds today. He released two studio albums, 'Powers of Ten' and 'The Tri-Tone Fascination' and collaborated on numerous projects.

    Although Shawn used common techniques such as alternate picking and legato, it was the way he combined them and the sheer speeds he could achieve that makes his playing hard to decipher. Thankfully he left us just enough to follow with his instructional videos 'Power Licks' and 'Power Solos'.

    Are you ready for this?

    E A D G B E - Standard Tuning
    Ibanez RG7421, Overloud TH3, Cubase, Superior Drummer 2

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