Slapping & Tapping Etude 2

by Chowy Fernandez

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  • Difficulty: 7
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  • Hi GMC'ers! A new lesson to practise slap and tapping. In my previous slap and tapping lesson the tapping was included in the phrasing together with the slap. This time we're going to play each technique separately: first the slap and then, towards the end, the tapping, to close the song.

    The tone we're using is A#. The arrangement I've created in the first part starts with a slap, this time with major and minor 6ths on the 3rd and 1st grade of the A# Ionian scale, i.e. on Dm7 (Phrygian) and A#maj7 (Ionian). When we get to the tapping section, we have a run
    in A# Lydian. This marks a modulation, since we´re augmenting the 4th note of that scale: instead of playing Eb, we play E and that's it.

    I recommend connected this lesson to my first slap and tapping exercise to play everything together as a single song.
    * D - G - C - F - A - D
    (From thick to thin string)
    * One Whole Step Down
    * A lower tuning for music with heavy riffs.

    A# Maj 7(Ionian)

    D5 - Dm7 - Bb maj 7 - Bb dim - Dm - Dsus 4 - A# - A# maj7

    * Slap
    * Tapping
    * Legato
    * Hammer-ons

    A# Lydian scale

    If you have any questions:
    * Give feedback (upper-right-corner)
    * My Personal Board
    * General Forum

    Enjoy!/ Chowy

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