Slayer Simplified

by Lian Gerbino

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  • I was requested to create a new lesson focused on the Slayer style, this time I tried to keep it as easy as possible in order to cover a great percentage of beginner players.
    In this lesson will use some basic techniques as palm muting, downstrokes, octaves and long notes with vibrato, that's all.

    If you are learning this lesson, give a try to the others 2 based on Slayer and feel free to upload your takes to the REC Program or just on my board to get some feedback.

    I hope you like this lesson!

    Tempo: 120 bpm
    Scales: E minor – E Phrygian
    Guitar Tune: Down 1/2 step

    Eb|1st|---High string-----|
    Eb|6th|---Low string -----|

    I’ve used the POD xt to rec this lesson. You’ll find my presets on my board ;)

    If you have any problems let me know.

    Stay close! -

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