Soul / RnB

by Stephane Lucarelli

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  • Hi GMC!

    In this lesson we will explore some Soul/R&B styles.
    I've made a little intro and a solo part, so let's go!

    We are in the key of D major and here's the chord progression :

    ll: D l A l F#7 l Bm / G :ll

    Notice that the F# is a minor chord in the key of D, but to ad interest in the chord progression, we could transform any minor chord to a seventh chord.
    So we get a F#7 chord resolving on the Bm. Scale wise I use the B minor pentatonic, mixing it with the D Major scale. If you take a look at the note's choice, you will notice that a lot of chord tones are used to underline the harmony.

    The lesson could sounds easy at first but we'll cover a lot of techniques such as bends, doubles stops, octaves etc.
    Another important aspect is the use of dynamics and accentuation. So, pay a close attention to your picking hand!

    Have fun,

    Gear used :
    - Haar Custom Stratocaster
    - Cornford Roadhouse 30
    - Some reverb & delay in the DAW

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