Southern Rock

by Stephane Lucarelli

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  • Hi GMC!

    Welcome to my Southern Rock lesson!

    Here's a simple & efficient backing to get straight to the point : mixing Rock & Blues phrasing, focus on your tone, your touch and put some soul in every note.

    The lesson is designed to be played looped : verse / chorus and little bridge in between and so on.

    The basic tonality is C major, even if we briefly slide to the F Major tonality during the bridge with the Bb chord.
    So we gonna use our good old D minor pentatonic scale for soloing & improvising.

    Here's the chords chart :

    Verses | Dm / C | G / Dm I
    Bridge | Bb | C |
    Chorus | Dm | C / G |

    Notice that in the verse we play a G chord with the b note on the bass.

    I also included a backing track without the rhythm guitar, only the drums & the bass.

    As always you'll find more explanations under each video section.

    Rhythm guitar videos 1/4
    Lead guitar videos 5/8

    Have fun!

    Gear used: Suhr Telecaster & Suhr Badger amp

    Tempo: 88 bpm

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