Steve's Naturally Harmonic

by Daniel Realpe

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  • Welcome GMC'ers! Today's lesson is about natural harmonics. These type of timbre sounds are great on the electric guitar with distortion. Steve Vai uses them to create all sorts of unique sounds. Here we are going to combine natural harmonics with regular notes. You can use almost any note using natural harmonics because every string has the potential to produce a dominant seventh chord of it's root.

    For instance:
    * On the G string we can use the notes: G, B, D, F.
    * On the D string we can use: D, F#, A, C.
    * On the E strings: E, G#, B, D.
    * On the A string: A, C#, E, G
    * On the B strings: B, D#, F#, A
    So as you can see, we can get all the notes (except A#) using natural harmonics, and even in different octaves depending on the place on the string in which you pinch them.
    Natural harmonics on the G string (you can also play them easily on the other strings):

    If you have any questions:
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    Enjoy!/ Daniel
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