String Bending

by Stephane Lucarelli

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  • Hi GMC!

    In this lesson we are going to talk about some bending techniques.
    You'll find bends, bends and release, prebends, reverse bends etc... from semi tones to two whole tones!

    The backing is a two chords vamp G7/C7 so the G minor pentatonic scale will work perfectly here but we will also add two other tones : the A and E notes.
    We are now able to do some semi tone bends from A to Bb and E to F.

    The idea is to work on accuracy, getting the perfect pitch and more "strength" in our fingers. At first some bends & techniques may be difficult, but as always this will come with practice.

    Try to experiment with those different bending ideas and try to integrate them into your guitar playing!

    Gear used:
    Gibson ES-339
    Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

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