Style Variations #1: Jazzy

by Laszlo Boross

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  • Hi GMC-ers!

    Welcome to my new lesson in which I would like to show some variations in different style to the same backing track. When we make a solo to a theme, we can define the style of our playing, our guitar sound, the scale positions on the neck and everything else so we have a lot of opportunities to play a very good solo.

    In the first round we can hear a bit of a jazzy style solo with a clean and not so bright sound. I use almost the same scale in both parts, but in this lesson I use the whole G minor and the style of my playing is more jazzy as in a blues or funky solo. There are no bended notes, but I use more slided and hammer on-pull off notes.

    The chord progression:

    Cm Dm Gm Gm Cm Dm Gm Gm Cm Dm Gm Gm Cm Dm Ebmaj7 Ebmaj7

    This lesson contains the next techniques:

    -hammer on-pull off
    -alternate picking

    Happy Practicing!

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