Sweep Picking 7th Arpeggios

by Alex Feather

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  • Difficulty: 4
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  • Hello everybody!

    Welcome to my new lesson! In this lesson we will be learning how to harmonize a major scale using seventh arpeggios. It is a very important subject because understanding scale structure will give you more freedom and more options when you are improvising or even composing a new song. It's a cool lesson for beginners and intermediate players because it combines theoretical and technique exercise.

    Music Style:
    Arpeggios from this lesson can be used in style of fusion and jazz rock. If you like Richie Kotzen, Greg Howe or Frank Gambale this is a great way to get an idea about what those guys are using and what is adding more colors to their sound.

    Chord Progression:
    The exercise in a key of G major. I started from the third degree of the scale (Bmi7) and went all the way up octave higher (Bmi7 octave higher)
    Here is a chord progression for this exercise: Bmi7-Cmaj7-D7-Emi7-F#mi7b5-Gmaj7-Ami7-Bmi7(octave higher)

    I was using the sweep technique. Pay attention to the movement and practice it very slow at first, after you start feeling more comfortable, increase the speed.
    Always use metronome!

    Backing track progression: Bmi7-Ami7-D7-Emi7

    I used Apoggee Ensemble, Fender Twin Reverb, Tom Anderson Telecaster and Waves plugins.
    In every part of the lesson I will explain which arpeggio can be used for which degree of the scale I will be using numbers so you can follow this example in every key.

    Here are the degrees and chords :
    Gmaj7 - I
    Ami7 - ii
    Bmi7 - iii
    Cmaj7 - IV
    D7 - V
    Emi7 - vi
    F#mi7b5 - VII

    Make sure to practice this exercise in all 12 positions!
    I hope you will enjoy this lesson. Just remember: practice makes it perfect - so keep rocking!

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