TOP 15 Session Guitar Players

by Guido Bungenstock

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  • Difficulty: 7
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  • Hi Guys,

    Welcome to my lesson No. 68
    In this lesson we'll discover 15 different session guitar players that were responsible for 1000s (!) of hits.
    I used many different styles, phrasing techniques and sounds to emulate their styles.

    This great package also contains 15 backings (each for every player) based in the styles of popular pop, rock & soul songs.

    Even if these songs sound very similar to the original tracks, these are NO COVERS because I changed the chords (changes), the riffs and more...


    The structure of the videos:

    1. Paul Jackson Jr. Style 0:00-0:53 (Based on "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson)

    2. Steve Cropper Style 0:54-1:52 (Based on "Green Onions" by Steve Cropper)

    3. Nile Rodgers Style 1:53-2:46 (Based on "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk)

    4. Tommy Tedesco Style 2:47-3:16 (Based on "Bonanza Theme")

    5. Steve Stevens Style 3:17-4:24 (Based on "Top Gun Anthem" by Harold Faltermeyer)

    6. Jimmy Page Style 4:25-5:25 (Based on "With A Little Help From My Friends" by Joe Cocker)

    7. Steve Lukather Style 5:26-6:27 (Based on "Physical" by Olivia Newton John)

    8. Michael Landau Style 6:28-7:52 (Based on "Angelia" by Richard Marx)

    9. Larry Carlton Style 7:53-8:58 (Based on "The Light Is On" by Christopher Cross)

    10. James Burton Style 8:59-9:42 (Based on "Susie Q." by Dale Hawkins)

    11. Lee Ritenour Style 9:43-10:58 (Based on "A Little Bumpin'" by Lee Ritenour)

    12. Dann Huff Style 10:59-11:45 (Based on "Angel With A Dirty Face" by Lou Gramm)

    13.Michael Thompson Style 11:46-12:59 (Based on "When A Man Loves A Woman" by Michael Bolton)

    14. Buzz Feiten Style 13:00-13:52 (Based on "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins)

    15. Ray Parker Jr. 13:53-14:47 (Based on "Ghostbusters" by Ray Parker Jr.)

    Have fun! ;-)

    Final words

    I tried to transcribe as close as possible. Specially in the Guitar Pro file you'll find all this little extras!

    Cheers - Guido

    Technical specifications
    Guitar: Music Man Luke II
    Strings: Elixir Optiweb 9-42
    Audio Interface: Focusrite Saffire PRO 24
    Amp Modeller: Kemper Profiling Amp
    Power Amp: Matrix GT1000FX with Marshall 2x12" V30
    Recording SW: Logic Pro X, several plugins

    Kemper Amp Profiles used in this lesson
    1. Paul Jackson Jr. Style - PVY JSX Merged
    2. Steve Cropper. Style - Sun Badge 35 Merged
    3. Nile Rodgers Style - Vendra Luxury Rev
    4. Tommy Tedesco Style - Vendra Luxury Rev
    5. Steve Stevens Style - Fireman PT Merged
    6. Jimmy Page Style - Brit 800 '86 Merged
    7. Steve Lukather Style - Vendra Luxury Rev (Rhy) & Soldariu SLO Merged (Solo)
    8. Michael Landau Style - Bognar XTC Merged (Rhy) & Soldariu SLO Merged (Solo)
    9. Larry Carlton Style - Bognar XTC Merged
    10. James Burton Style - Vendra B-Man Merged
    11. Lee Ritenour Style - Vendra Duo Rev
    12. Dann Huff Style - Pvy JSX Merged
    13. Michael Thompson Style - Soldariu SLO Merged
    14. Buzz Feiten Style - Martial JayTea
    15. Ray Parker Jr. Style - Martial Brit800 '86 Merged

    The Kemper Amp profiles are available for purchase here:

    Standard Tuning E, A, D, G, B, E

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