Tapping Etude #2

by Aleksander Sukovic

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  • Hi everyone! And welcome to the first part of my second etude for tapping. This one is obviously more demanding than 'Tapping Etude #1', since it written for 8-finger tapping.

    The idea for this one is to summarize some of the techniques that we covered in lessons in the '8-Finger Tapping Basics' series.

    First, we have the somewhat altered, to make more harmonic sense, 'copy-cat' technique, with the idea where the right hand repeats every movement the left one makes, with delay. So that it is playing intervals with delay.

    Next, we have polyphonic intervals, a passage of octaves in melodic minor scale.
    And, in the end, a fast descending passage of 32's, in intervals of third+octave in harmonic minor scale. Now, if you went through the 8-finger tapping basic exercises, you should be able to play this etude, eventually without discomfort.
    But, if not I would recommend you to go back to practicing some adequate exercises you might find for the particular technique that troubles you the most.

    I hope you enjoy learning this piece, and feel the benefits of playing it. Good luck! And use metronome :)

    Tuning: EBGDAE;

    Key: E minor;

    Tempo: 100 BPM;

    Time signature: 5/4;
    E aeolian scale

    E harmonic-minor scale

    E melodic-minor scale

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