Cruzat Beer House Song Pt1

by Lian Gerbino

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  • Hey GMC'ers! I was requested along time ago to do a lesson from my band Tersivel. I will show you how to play the song called: "Cruzat Beer House Song". The song requires more rhythmic skills rather than technical.

    Late 2008 I re-discovered the acoustic guitar, I was studying a lot of folk music, especially Celtic and Mediterranean music. I had a lot of fun working on these old rhythms. My band's keyboardist, Franco Robert, and I were working around some tarantellas (from south Italy) and Celtic reels and slow Jigs (from Ireland) and finally we composed this song that we really liked.

    The song is in the key of D minor, but I never play a full D minor chord. Instead of a D minor chords, I play a full D5 with all 6 strings. This is very useful when playing traditional style music.

    170 Bpm

    D minor

    * Drop D
    * D - A - D - G - B - E
    (From thick to thin string)

    * POD xt: (to record)
    * My presets are on my board

    If you have any questions:
    * Give feedback (upper-right-corner)
    * My Personal Board
    * General Forum

    Stay close!/ Lian

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