The Police: Roxanne

by Gerardo Siere

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  • Hello everyone, today I bring this great song by The police Roxanne from the album "Outlandos d'Amour" (1978). It is a double lesson as the bass part is also included.

    In this song the guitar part may be the most static part but still its great. The particular placement of the bass, the great drumming and the freely singing makes this song a classic.

    The guitar part for intro, bridge, verse and pre-chorus is an adaptation of the Freddie Green style comping to this fusion style where jazz, punk and reggae are mixed.
    The chorus has a punk groove but the vocals are in antiphonal texture (question-answer) much more frequent in reggae than punk.

    The structure for the song is:
    Intro: (2 + 8 measures) Measures 1-10
    Verse: (2 x 8 measures) Measures 11-18 and 19-26
    Pre-chorus: (2 x 4 measures) Measures 27-34
    Chorus: 12 measures. Measures 35-46.
    Bridge: (2x 2 measures) Measure 47-50
    Verse: (2 x 8 measures) Measures 51-58 59-66
    Pre-chorus: (2 x 4 measures) Measures 67-70
    Chorus: 12 measures repeating and fading -off. 71-..............
    Bass is tuned to the left and guitar can be heard on the right channel.

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