The Voice Of Your Guitar 2

by Cosmin Lupu

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  • Good day, GMC!

    By popular demand, I have decided to continue with "The voice of your guitar 2" which is a lesson in the same manner as the first one, focusing on sensibility in phrasing, details and articulation elements, meant to make you discover your inner strength in this field.

    We are dealing with the following progressions here:

    Dorian oriented progressions

    F#m7 Emaj add9 F#m7 AM7
    F#m7 Emaj add9 F#m7 Asus4 Amaj

    F#m7 Emaj add9 F#m7 AM7
    F#m7 Emaj add9 F#m7 A add9 B add11

    Lydian progression

    A add9 B add11 G#m A add9

    I have built all the lines as easy and catchy as possible, so that you may find resemblances with vocal lines, both conceptual and interpretation wise.

    My advice here is: pay attention to details and you will develop wonderful phrasing skills! L

    et's see what we can learn after going through this lesson:

    - articulation control : bending, vibrato, slides
    - melodic catchy and easy phrases

    Tuning: Standard - E A D G B E

    Meter: 4/4

    Tempo: 85 BPM

    Scales: F# Dorian, A Lydian

    Tone settings:

    PRS Paul Allender plugged into the AMT SS20 having the Bass at 10 o'clock, the Mids at 10 o'clock and the Highs at 1 o'clock. The gain is somewhere around 1-2 o'clock and the channel I used is the Crunch one.

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