Sub Zero

by Ben Higgins

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  • Difficulty: 7
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  • Hi guys, this time I've brought you an entire composition of mine called Sub Zero. It fuses down tuned riffage with flashy harmonies and licks using pull-offs to create a kind of monster offspring of Cacophony and Morbid Angel! I had lots of fun writing and recording this track and I suspect you might have just as much fun learning it.

    To start with, I tuned my guitar down to C# Standard. In other words, all 6 strings were tuned down by a whole tone and a half (or 1 and a half steps).
    This means the normal power chord shapes can be used.

    I didn't have any specific goal when writing this track, I just followed my heart. By looking back at it, I can use it as an example of how you can make things sound more complicated and flashy than they actually are just by the way you put it together. Take the 'chorus' section at 1.22 as an example. I'm playing 16th notes using open strings at 100bpm which isn't that quick. However if you combine that with the rhythm guitar and the kick drums, which are playing constant 16th notes in the background, then the whole result sounds more intense! It's about using many ingredients to create a powerful result.

    For the solo, I used a Dunlop Cry Baby set at the half way position to give me that Michael Schenker type tone. You don't have to do the same of course, it's just taste.

    None of the techniques used are unusual. You'll encounter palm muting, alternate picking, legato and hammer ons and pull offs.

    If you need any help with this, you know where to find me. In the meantime, put on your Ninja costume, strap on your guitar and start stalking the shadows!


    Tempo: 100bpm

    Key : C# Minor

    Tuning : C# Standard

    Gear: Marshall JVM 410H
    Rhythm Guitars: OD2, Red setting. BASS 2 MID 5 TREB 6 GAIN 3.5
    Lead: OD1, Red setting. BASS 1 MID 8 TREB 6 GAIN 3

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