Tuner Bending

by Alex Feather

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  • Hey Guys!

    In this lesson we will be playing blues using slide. It's a solo that I wrote a while back and it has some interesting parts so I have decided to make it a lesson!
    We will learn how to do a "half step" bending trick using your guitar tuners and how to use a slide and get a full control over it.

    I hope you guys will enjoy this lesson and will learn a lot about tuner bending, slide guitar and blues pentatonic!

    Key signature and tuning:
    The solo is in A minor blues
    Standard tuning E-A-D-G-B-E

    Tom Anderson Telecaster
    Ugly Amps - Ugly 18
    ZMG - Aspid Drive
    Waves plugins
    Apogee ensemble

    This is a A minor blues pentatonic that I have been using for the solo

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