Van Halen Rhythm Style

by Javier Aviles

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  • -Guitar Lesson:
    Here I teach you how to play a song in the style of Eddie Van Halen. How he plays chords, his rhythmic techniques and how to use of the whammy bar.

    -Music Style:
    Hard Rock

    A, A mixolydian, A pent minor
    Bb Phrigyan

    chords, riffs...

    I play a PRS SE Floyd Custom 24

    Standard tuning: E,A,D,G,B,E

    -Tempo & Beat:
    130pm (Slows 70bpm)

    -Chord Progression:
    ||:  A  |  D/A  |  A  |  F  |  
     |   A  |  D/A  |  Bb  | Bb :|| 
     |   A  |
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