Veio Ze

by Thiago Trinsi

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  • Difficulty: 6
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  • Hi Folks!

    Here I am with my lesson! This time I am bringing to you a little of my Brazilian Culture.

    Véio Zé! "Véio" - it´s a slang in Portuguese for Velho which means "old" and "Zé" it´s a short for José, the name of my father in law. He was a great man and he use to listen to a lot this kind of music and he died when he was 84 years old, so I wrote this song and dedicate it to him.

    This kind of music is called "Chorinho", it is an old Brazilian style with a rich harmony progression and very bouncy melodies, and it is considered the real Brazilian Jazz.

    I play the whole song with my neck pickup, and it is mostly alternate picking and eventually some sweeping, but note that I play most of the time using alternate picking, even over arpeggios.

    Here you will find some nice solutions for Dominant Chords (b7 chords) and a lot of passing tones connecting the scales, the use of chromatic notes working with the target notes, a lot of math going on here to reach the right note in the right moment but you get used to it!

    Here is the Harmony:

    Intro: GMaj7/9 | C7/13 | FMaj7/9 | Bb7/13 | D#Maj7/9 | D7| GMaj7

    1) GMaj7| G#°| A7/13| A7/13-| Am7 | D7| GMaj7| E7| Am7| A#°| Bm7| Bbm7| Am7| D7| GMaj7 ....2x

    2) B7| Em7| Dm7| G7/13 |CMaj7

    3) Am7| D7| Bm7| E7| Am7| D7| GMaj7| G7| CMaj7| C#m7/b5 |Bm7| Em7| Am7| D7| GMaj7

    Intro again:

    GMaj7/9 | C7/13 | FMaj7/9 | Bb7/13 | D#Maj7/9 | D7| GMaj7

    GMaj7/9 | C7/13 | FMaj7/9 | Bb7/13 | D#Maj7/9 | D7| G7

    Guitar used:
    Fender Gibson Les Paul Studio
    Strings: Dean Markley Blue Steel 0.10
    Effect: I used Guitar Rig 4 the chain was guitar + Focusrite 24 pro + iMac in to my Cubase 5, and to get this sound I used a combination of Clean Plex Amp with compressor and the green distortion pedal on the top of everything called "Screamer" with the Delay from Cubase plugins called "MonoDelay" and here is what I´ve changed there to get this sound on the solo guitar: Delay/1/4, Feedback/14.5, Mix/04.0 , I also used some VST ( Kontakt) instruments like Clarinet and Flute playing the main melody with me but the volume is very low, just to make a little thicker the body of the notes and bring a slightly different texture.

    Tempo: 212 bpm

    Key: G

    Recording Gear:

    Cubase 5
    Guitar Rig 4
    iMac 27

    I hope you enjoy this lesson - all the best, Thiago.
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