Warrior in Battle

by Thiago Trinsi

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  • Hi Folks!

    Here I am bringing you a brand new challenge, this time I am showcasing the use of alternate picking in horizontal and vertical lines followed by sweep on arpeggio techniques in a very heavy metal neo-classical vibe ala Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore and Jason Becker.

    I am using harmonic minor scales and there are some moments that I use the 4# on it which in fact is called hungarian minor scale, personally is the scale I really like to use in metal styles.

    I hope you enjoy the idea of alternate picking over 3 strings arpeggio in a kind of string skipping way, this is a great study to bring your alternate picking skills to a whole new level.

    I hope you have a great time learning this song and keep rocking!

    Best - Thiago


    Guitar used: Fender Stratocaster USA
    Strings: Dean Markley Blue Steel 0.10
    Effect: I used Guitar Rig 4 the chain was guitar + Focusrite 24 pro + iMac in to my Cubase 5, and to get this sound I used the amp called Jump which is a version of a Plex Marshall with the Delay from Cubase plugins called "MonoDelay" and here is what I´ve changed there to get this sound on the solo guitar: Delay/1/4, Feedback/6.0, Mix/05.0.

    Tempo: 120 bpm

    Key: Am (Harmonic Minor)

    Recording Gear:

    Cubase 5
    Guitar Rig 4
    iMac 27
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