Ballad Solo In the Style of Eric Johnson

by Jose Lassaga

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  • Hi GMC! In this lesson we have ballad solo, in the E major key. The idea is to be as melodic as possible and to use bendings with as much as you can.

    The chords progression is:

    // E / B / C#m7/ Aadd9/ F#m7 G#m7/ Aadd9/ E / Esus4 E//

    The tempo is quarter = 90

    I use:
    -E Ionian scale
    -E major key arpeggios ( Emaj7/F#m7/G#m7/Amaj7/B7/C#m7/D#°)
    - E pentatonic major

    The techniques I use are:

    Try to create melodies basing on this solo and you use them in your songs. Pay attention to your feeling. Practice different kinds of vibrato till you find the correct one. Learn by heart every phrases separately.

    Enjoy the lesson! See you soon!

    E diatonic positions:

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