Blues Rock Phantasy in G minor

by Laszlo Boross

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  • Hi everyone!

    I will introduce a solo that can be used in rock or blues music as well. This is a basic rock solo, failry easy to play, and I put in some blues notes too, so that it would be more interesting.

    I’m using a simple G-minor scale but on a three different positions. The first and the third scales are the same, the only difference is that the third is an octave higher. The second Gmin scale is played from the 10th fret.

    The techniques that I use involves the following:
    Hybrid picking with a pick and the middle and ring finger.
    Some legato
    And slides.

    The chord progression involves the following chords: Gm, F sus 9 (same as F sus 2 but the note is an octave higher), A# sus 9, C sus 9. This chord progression gives an open space feel to it, and it reminds me of George Lynch.

    Enjoy practicing!


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