Creed Style 2

by Carlos Carrillo

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  • Ok friends of GMC! In this opportunity, we will see again Creed’s style, but this time; we will study the style of their ballads!

    One Last Breath was the fifth single of the album Weathered, published for Believe in 2001.
    This one was the last disc of the group before dissolving and to be formed two new bands "The Great Divides" (formed by the vocalist Scott Stapp) and the incredible "Alter Bridge" (formed by other members of Creed) One Last Breath it was a great success in the USA, coming to the highest positions of the principal North American lists, and contributing that the disc was certified 6 times platinum.

    This one is one of the best "ballads” that I have listened.

    Former members
    * Scott Stapp – lead vocals (1995–2004)
    * Mark Tremonti – guitars, backing vocals (1995–2004); bass guitar on Weathered (2001 — all tracks)
    * Scott Phillips – drums, percussion, keyboards (1995–2004)
    * Brian Marshall – bass guitar (1995–2000)
    Touring members
    * Brett Hestla – bass guitar (2000–2004)
    * Brian Brasher – guitars (1995)
    Session members
    * John Kurzweg – keyboards on My Own Prison
    * Aimee Stapp – backing vocals on Weathered
    * Robby Krieger – guitars on Stoned Immaculate: The Music of the Doors
    * Jamie Muhoberac – keyboards on Stoned Immaculate: The Music of the Doors
    * 1997: My Own Prison
    * 1999: Human Clay
    * 2001: Weathered
    * 2004: Greatest Hits

    You’ll work aspects like rhythm, scale uses, and different techniques as Fingers picking, legato slide and vibrato.

    Key: D Major

    Audio Settings: to record this lesson I have used the POD X3 live.
    Analog Chorus: Depth 66% Mix: 35%
    Analog Delay with modulation: 413ms Mix: 43% feedback: 43%
    Amp: 2001 tread plate dual clean.
    Cab: 4x12 tread mic 57 axis
    Nothing is impossible! Feel the music and God bless you!

    D Major Scale

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