Dorian Phrasing - Beginner

by Muris Varajic

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  • Hello GMCers and welcome to another serial, Dorian Phrasing!

    This one is made for beginners and we'll be using A Dorian all the way. Most important thing to know about Dorian mode is that it is very similar to minor scale, there is ONLY one note difference and that is 6th degree, in minor scale we have minor 6th degree and in Dorian we have major 6th degree, that's all.

    And I decided to start with A Dorian cause I suppose that most of you are comfortable with using A minor scale, think of Am scale and sharp that F note to F#, that's A Dorian!

    Tempo is 100 bpm,
    I used GR3 for my tone,
    let me know if you would like this patch and I'll post it.

    Have fun practicing! :)

    Muris Varajic

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