Dropped C Riffing

by Gabriel Leopardi

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  • Hi GMC! Today I prepared a lesson for beginner/intermediate inspired by the rhythm guitar work of modern metal bands like BFMV, Ax7, Trivium, etc. These bands use dropped C tuning and combine power riffing parts with harmonizations in the style of Metallica and Iron Maiden.

    I recorded 1st guitar and 2nd guitar together on screen to illustrate you their interaction inspired in 80’s heavy & thrash metal.

    This lesson is a great exercise for beginner/intermediate players that are interested in improving their rhythm guitar abilities and also to learn how to arrange a modern metal song with two guitars. We’ll use palm muting, alternate picking, hammer-on & pull-offs.

    The lesson's tonality is C minor and the tempo is 185 bpm. I used my Pod X3 live’s Criminal amp to get a more aggressive sound in the lesson.

    I hope that you enjoy the lesson.


    C minor 1.jpg
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