Economy Picking IX

by Danilo Capezzuto

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  • Hi, Danilo here. Welcome to the ninth lesson about "Economy picking"!

    Well well well...still here little soldier (of peace), I’ll give you another lesson to be sure you’ll employee your time in a useful way (if you don’t have a girlfriend of course...).

    This time we’ll apply the same motion of the seventh lesson but just hardened because now our skills are improved.

    As said even in the other series, you just have to practice this kind of lessons, 30 minutes each day, even 15 minutes are good if you have less time, it’s better to practice a few minutes every day than practice 10 hours a day and rest for a week. So don’t push or ask to much to your self, have fun and try to complete you practice routine every day, this will give you a feel of victory, and believe me, this is really good!

    Said that you are ready to start this new lesson, good luck guys!

    See you next time, looking forward the tenth lesson about "Economy picking".

    Thanks to everybody and to GMC!

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