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by Carlos Carrillo

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  • Hello Friends of GMC! Today we will study Fireflight’s Particular style! But before, a bit of information of the band!

    Fireflight is an American Christian Post-grunge band. The band originated in Eustis, Florida in 1999. The band is signed by Flicker Records. They have played in Shout fest and have been featured on The Scars Remain tour with Disciple, Family Force 5, & Decyfer Down. While touring, they wrote their second album Unbreakable and released their first single off the album "Unbreakable".

    For their first show, they didn't even have a name for the band, after thinking a while, Dawn suggested the name "Fireflight" because it sounded cool. They released their debut album The Healing of Harms in 2006 with two #1 singles "You Decide" and "Waiting".

    The song "You Decide", featuring Josh Brown of Day of Fire, was the top request at TVU music television in August 2006. The song was the second most played song on Christian Rock radio stations.

    During another extensive year of touring, the band was experiencing an emotional roller coaster while writing their album "Unbreakable". Wendy describes on their Myspace how stressful and intense writing the album was:

    “It almost felt like things were out of control,” says Dawn. “We’d gone through a difficult year as a band with a lot of emotional ups and downs. We basically lived together in a van while writing the new album, and that put us in a pressure cooker. All the stresses were magnified because you’re completely out of your comfort zone, and it really does crank up the intensity of the writing. We poured all of our hope, sorrow, anger, dreams and fears into the music.”

    Band members

    • Dawn Richardson - lead vocals
    • Wendy Drennen - bass guitar and vocals
    • Justin Cox - guitar and background vocals
    • Glenn Drennen - guitar
    • Phee Shorb - drums


    Independent albums

    • Glam-rok (2002)
    • On The Subject of Moving Forward EP (2004)

    Flicker Records albums

    • The Healing of Harms (2006) #37 Top Christian Albums, #48 Top Independent Album
    • Unbreakable (2008) #10 Heatseekers

    This lesson is based in the song “Unbreakable” it is one of my favorite’s songs since it is the more complete for the study of Fireflight style.

    In this lesson the guitars are the principal base; the arrangements of octaves are very used in this style. The tuning is down 1/2 step D#G#C#F#A#D#:

    The study of this style is very important to create your own songs. We'll use some techniques as Palm muting and down picking in this lesson.

    Audio Settings: to record this lesson I have used the POD X3 live.

    Analog Chorus: Depth 66% Mix: 35%

    Analog Delay with modulation: 413ms Mix: 43% feedback: 43%

    Nothing is impossible! Feel the music and God bless you!

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