Fusion Collaboration Solo

by Pedja Simovic

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  • Hello GMC! Today we have my Fusion solo over Fusion collaboration backing track posted in forums.

    Many of you seemed to like my improvised solo, so I decided to transcribe it and create a lesson out of it. Goal of this lesson is to help you create more melodic solos using all possible soloing devices that you have at your disposal :)

    The backing track has 3 different key centers. First we start in A minor for 4 bars, then we modulate directly to C minor for 4 bars, then another direct modulation to F# minor, and then we have a cadence that brings us back to A minor ( F/G to G# dim7 to A min for 2 bars).

    Please watch and listen to Spoken video in this lesson regarding whole solo and approaches I use to improvise over something in this style.

    I highly recommend you listen to traditional jazz players like Charlie Parker, Dexter Gordon, Freddy Hubbard, Miles Davies all the way to modern jazz musicians like Pat Metheny, Mike Stern, John Scofield, Michael Brecker, Steps Ahead band, Scott Henderson (Tribal Tech band) etc.

    Those artists (and many more of course) will give you great insight into what kind of phrasing, melodic and harmonic ideas are applied in Fusion style of music, hence listening is essential in order to have full grasp of style.

    For this lesson I used my custom built guitar going trough POD X3 Live into Nuendo. The effect I used was passed to me by member wrk (Andy) called Gilmourish :)

    Here are some things used in this lesson and things that you should gain after finishing this lesson:

    - Combination of downbeat and upbeat rhythms
    - Question and Answer type of phrasing
    - Motive development
    - Rhythmic repetition
    - Trough composed playing
    - Modal soloing
    - Alternate picking
    - Sweep picking
    - Bending
    - Single vs Double time feel
    - Usage of rests in solo
    - Slides etc

    I am hoping to see and hear your response about this lesson as well as watch your videos playing this solo :)

    Have fun with backing track and enjoy your improvising !


    C min7 copy.jpg

    A dorian mode copy.jpg

    Gsharp dim7 chord tones copy.jpg

    A harmonic minor copy.jpg

    A min6  chord tones copy.jpg

    C minor pentatonic.jpg

    A min chord tones copy.jpg

    F maj9 chord tones copy.jpg

    A minor pentatonic copy.jpg

    Fsharp minor pentatonic.jpg

    F maj7 chord tones copy.jpg

    A min7  chord tones copy.jpg

    A natural minor copy.jpg

    C dorian mode.jpg
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