Gipsy Jazz Workout

by Vasilije Vukmirovic

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  • Hello to all GMC:ers. What we have here is the sequence of arpeggios arranged in 2-notes-per-string, the way gipsy jazz players do it.

    One of the basics of this gipsy style is those kinds of shapes which utilizes the right hand motion. Pay attention to the right hand! After the string is picked (down stroke), the pick falls on the lower string, rests. This also enable the wrist to rest, and remain relaxed while playing, enabling you too play very fast without tension. It looks easy but it’s not.

    Try picking a single note, and see how it feels. When you play this lesson you go, down stroke, upstroke, down stroke, upstroke etc. The chords sequence is Cmin6, D7, Gmaj7, A#7, Adim7, Gmin6, D7, Cmin6, D7, Gmin9. Harmony is irrelevant here, pay attention to the right hand, and try to remember the chord shapes!

    See ya!


    6 - Gmin6.jpg

    5 - Adim7.jpg

    3 - Gmaj7.jpg

    7 - Gmin9.jpg

    2 - D7.jpg

    1 - Cmin6.jpg

    4 - Asharp7.jpg

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