How to Riff Series (Part 3)

by Lian Gerbino

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  • Hi everybody. Welcome to the end of this series called: How to riff.

    Ryhthm and riffing are common topics at the forums. All we know well, if you are playing in a band you´ll need something more than shredy skills. You need to be a balanced guitar player, with the capacity of combine a solid work as a rhythmic player and a killer attitude as a lead guitar. ;)

    All the guitar players we love have one thing in common: they play guitar so good, not only fast. So, as I said before, this lesson will help you to develop another important thing for the road: Riffing.

    I´ve included in this one: natural harmonics, pinch harmonics, some crazy slides, palm muting riffing and something more here and there.

    Take this lesson step by step and have fun!

    Used scales: B minor, C harmonic minor, E minor
    Meter: 4/4
    Guitar Tune: Down 1/2 step
    TEMPO: 130 bpm

    As some of you know, I use a POD xt to rec all my lessons. In my board you´ll find my presets ;) On the other hand, here´re the settings for people who want them.

    Amp model: based on Marshall JCM-800
    Drive 2
    Bass 4.9
    Middle 5
    Treble 6.8
    Presence 5

    Small room Reverb:
    Predelay 0%
    Decay 42 %
    Tone 50%
    Mix 43%

    Remember: Same settings in other gear will produce a different sound, but, as we´ve talked at the forum, this could be useful for some members, so enjoy!

    If you have any problems let me know. Take care.
    See you all around.

    Lian Gerbino

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