Marty Mustaine Style Lesson

by Gabriel Leopardi

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  • Hi GMC! Welcome to my new lesson inspired by Megadeth. This is a riffing + solo lesson inspired in this great trash metal band. I started working on this lesson when I read a thread at the forum where a new user said that Megadeth's new song has a riff very similar to my first lesson based on them. In that thread you’ll find the reason why I get inspired to work on a new Megadeth Style lesson.

    In this lesson I used Phrygian mode to compose the riffing section based on many Metallica and Megadeth songs (for example “Symphony of Destruction”). In the solo I used a chord progression very used by Mustaine & company. You can check for example the song “Hangar 18”.

    I tried to capture Mustaine & Friedman’s vibes in the solo part. I combined E pentatonic minor + blue note, E Aeolian and E Dorian scales to compose the solo.

    - alternate picking
    - sweep picking
    - legato
    - Vibrato
    - pinched harmonics
    - palm muting
    - bending

    Scales used:
    - E minor Aeolian
    - E Phrygian
    - E Dorian

    Ok, I hope that you enjoy this lesson and that Mustaine invite me to play with them in Argentina! hahahha.

    See you guys!


    PS: If you like this lesson you have to check (if you didin't) Megadeth's "Countdown to extinction" and "Rust in Peace" albums.

    E minor aeolian:

    E blues scale:

    E Phrygian:
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