Interval Series - Soloing with Diatonic...

by Pedja Simovic

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  • Hello GMC ! Welcome to 2nd part of Interval series. Today we are studying intervals of Diatonic 3rds. The key of chord progression is C major so I applied diatonic 3rds from C major scale.

    Lets first do quick recap regarding intervals...

    What is Interval ? Distance between any two notes in music !
    What kind of interval can we have ? Harmonic and Melodic ! Harmonic is when two notes are played together (at the same time or double stops) while Melodic is one note played after another (Solo way).

    In major scale we have 2 types of 3rds , Major and Minor. Major 3rd is 2 whole steps away from root (4 frets) while minor is 1 and a half step away (3 frets). Term diatonic 3rds means that we only use type of 3rds that belong to particular scale that we play. Each note in the scale has one of the two types of 3rds available and I will leave that up to you as little assignment to work it out ;)

    I have decided to apply harmonic intervals in this lesson as 3rds tend to be used in music very often with this technique.

    Here are some things you will learn from this lesson :

    - How to solo using diatonic 3rds
    - Finger style type playing
    - Combination of straight and syncopated rhythms
    - Question and Answer type playing
    - Motive development (both in rhythm and melody)
    - Importance of repetition in music etc

    For this lesson I used my custom built guitar going trough POD X3 Live into Nuendo. The effect I used was Crunchy lead.

    Have fun playing around with diatonic 3rds and this solo, and I look forward hearing your responses to this lesson.


    A natural minor copy.jpg

    C major scale copy.jpg

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