Interval Series - Riffing with 4ths

by Pedja Simovic

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  • Hello GMC !

    Today we are continuing with Interval studies. Our interval today is Perfect 4th. In order to get perfect 4th, distance between two notes has to be exactly two whole steps and a half step or five half steps.

    I strongly suggest you watch Spoken Video (video nubmer 1) as I go more into details regarding this interval and how its applied in music.

    This lesson uses E minor pentatonic and E blues scale. Tempo is 130 bpm and predominant rhythm is 8th notes.

    After sucessfully completing this lesson, you should learn how to solo using perfect 4ths and make interesting progressions. Notice how there is two types of picking in this lesson - entirely down strokes and hybrid picking (pick and fingers). Hopefully you will have very little trouble mastering both techniques!

    For this lesson I used my custom built guitar going trough Pod X3 live into Nuendo. I created effect from scratch for this lesson and if you are interested let me know I will give you settings for it.

    I hope you enjoyed this lesson and I look forward hearing your responses about it. Hopefully I will hear some video responses soon on REC program with this one. Let me know if you have any questions !


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