Interval Series - Tritone with Dom7 Chords

by Pedja Simovic

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  • Hello GMC!

    Welcome to another Interval series lesson. Today we are focusing on Tritone interval.
    This interval can be called many different ways. Augmented 4th, Diminished 5th and finally unique way is Tritone. Word Tritone stands for Three tones, in other words three whole steps, which is what distance between two notes is specifically.

    For this lesson I used dominant 7th chord harmony. I applied Cycle 4 (going up a perfect 4th from one chord to another) almost all the way trough the progression.
    There is very interesting things about Tritone that I talk about in Spoken video which I definitely recommend you check out ! (Video 1).

    The purpose of this lesson is to teach you some interesting theory and harmony things regarding Tritone and to train your ear with this interval. It is most oftenly used in Dominant 7th and Diminished 7th chords as it appears naturally in them between GUIDE TONES (3rd and 7th of chord).

    Tritone interval always appears between Major 3rd and Minor 7th interval in Dominant 7th chord.

    Study graphs below and see it for yourself :)
    This lesson is pretty easy to play but as I said emphasis are here on theory, harmony and ear training.

    I hope you will get most out of this lesson.
    Enjoy spoken video, and I hope you learn a lot today :)

    For this lesson I used my custom built guitar going trough POD X3 Live into Nuendo. Effect used was 6B preset (Clean Rotary-1 and Clean Rotary-2).

    Have fun with this one and see you in your next lesson !


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