Lydian Dominant Spice

by David Wallimann

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  • A Dominant scale is a scale that has a Major 3rd and a minor 7th. If we apply these 2 notes to any given mode, we'll make it a Dominant mode. Let's apply that formula to a Lydian scale. The regular Lydian scale is as follow:


    As you can see, the 3rd is already Major. All you need to do to make the Lydian scale a Lydian Dominant scale is to alter its 7th to a minor 7th as follow:


    Taking the Root, 3rd, 5th and 7th of the previous scale will tell us which chord to use the mode over. That will be a 7th chord, also known as the Dominant chord.

    In today's lesson we'll explore that special mode over A7 and B7. The Lydian Dominant mode can really spice up your playing and make your leads sound a bit more interesting. Next time you improvise in a Mixolydian context, try to use the Lydian Dominant mode, you might fall in love with that scale!

    B Lyd dom.jpg

    A Lyd dom.jpg
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