Maj7 Chords Improvisation Example

by Sinisa Cekic

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  • Difficulty: 4
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  • Hi GMCers !

    This lesson is abuot Major7 chords.

    We know how to make chords with 3 different notes, but what about chords with 4 or more notes?

    Chords with 4 different notes are called seventh chords and are used a lot in jazz and some kinds of pop music. I like these chords very much, even though I'm not a Jazz musician, but sometimes when analysing and improvising over M7 I actually have the feeling that I AM! LOL!
    Try it, convince yourself :)

    Frank Zappa once said maj7 chords were the sound of 2 people falling in love. That's a beautiful though!

    Let's have a look at how to construct seventh chords.
    Seventh chords are made the same way as triads: by stacking 3rds on top of the root. Triads were constructed by stacking 2 thirds, seventh chords are constructed with 3 thirds.

    Now, try to construct a M7 chord on the usual C major scale:

    C E G B
    1 3 5 7

    This results in a C major 7 chord (Cmaj7). C to E makes a major third, E to G a minor third and G to B a major third: this structure is typical for major 7 chords.
    Chord formula for major 7 chords: 1 3 5 7

    Scale fits to MAj7chords are Ionian, Lydian and Major pentatonic.

    Exercise like this one is example how to improvising over M7 chords.

    Keep eye on backing chords and fit scale according to them!

    Tempo: 4/4, 67bpm

    Have fun!

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