Major Soloing No 4th

by Joe Kataldo

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  • Major Soloing no 4th - C Major - 75 Bpm

    Hi guys Joe Kataldo here, in today's lesson I wanna show you a trick/scale to easily improvise over a major tonalities, sometime hostile land to rock-minor-oriented guitar players.

    So what is this Major scale no 4th?

    Nothing special a major scale (ionian mode) without the only avoid (handle with care) note this mode has, the 4th indeed.

    In C major:



    This create a mistake-proof six note scale, that works flawless on major tonalities, and so will do the whole solo using this scale, to show you his application over a major I - V repeating chord progression in C major:

    I V

    |: Cmajor7 | F/G :|

    Because the 4th is missing, in theory you could use this scale on lydian progressions too, but this time the #4 is the most interesting note to play, and missing it, will not express the mode mood at all.

    Se you next lesson,

    Joe Kataldo.

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