Major & Sus Triads Etude

by Joe Kataldo

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  • Hi guys, today I wanna show you how triads can work in a completely different setting from my last lesson, Rock Rhythms with Triads to create a more Pop oriented etude.

    Major & sus Triads Etude - 75 BPM

    In this lesson we will mainly deal with sus4 or sus 4ths chords, all based around the three major triads found on the key of C major: C, F & G and their inversions, creating a nice pop major-sounding rhythmic accompaniment, with intro - A and B song form.

    Theory Focus

    A sus chord is just the shortened name for a suspended chord, a triad where the third is either raised to a 4th (the next note in the scale) sus4 or dropped to a 2nd (the previously note in the scale) sus2, depending on what type of sus chord it is. In real life you will find, most of the time sus only, standing for sus4 chords while sus2 are sometime notated 9th chords.


    Cmajor = C E G

    Csus4 = C F G

    Techniques Focus

    Major to SUS triad movements are a beautiful way to create movements and nice chord embellishments over static chord progression, when playing the sus triads try to keep in position the major shape so you can quickly switch back and forth.

    Pro Tips

    Try experimenting with minor triads too: Dm, Em & Am, replace the minor third with a second or a fourth.

    Get Suspended, See Next Lesson!

    Joe Kataldo

    Cmajor Scale.jpg
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