Modal Madness pt 2. - Harmonic Minor Modes

by Zsolt Galambos

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  • This is the follow-up of one of my previous lessons, "Modal Madness". This time let's dive into the modes of the harmonic minor scale.

    The harmonic minor scale matches the natural minor scale, with a little difference: the seventh tone is rased a half step, thus, if we are in the key of a-harmonic minor,
    we'll have: A B C D E F G#.

    The harmonic minor scale is often used in classical music. Neoclassical guitarists, like Yngwie Malmsteen also favores this scale.

    In this excersize all the notes are played staccato, meaning every note is picked. Try to maintain the up-and-down picking at slow tempos at first, and eventually working it up to a higher tempo. Also pay a close attention for evennes of the tones.

    Tuning is on D by the way.

    Have fun

    A Harmonic Minor copy.jpg

    B Locrian sharp6 copy.jpg

    C Ioniansharp5 copy.jpg

    D dorian sharp4 copy.jpg

    E Phrygian Dominant copy.jpg

    F Lydian sharp9 copy.jpg

    Gsharp ALtered Dominant bb7 copy.jpg

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