Modern Minor Blues Patterns

by Janos Kallai

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  • Hi guys,

    Janos Kallai here, and welcome to my first lesson. In this lessons I’ll show you a nice blues circle with an interesting chord progression and a solo on top of it.
    From the first to eighth bars are simple I – IV minor blues pattern, the F#4 or B (no3) is a subdominant preventive chord, but from the next measure the pattern is:

    II, V, I-III, VI-V.

    The third degree of the A minor scale is Cmaj7 or Cmaj 7/5#, but we will get a bluesy feeling with C13 witch is a dominat of the Fmaj7, and the Fmaj7 is a dominant of the main E10b dominant chord. It’s a nice dominant chain.

    In the first circle of the solo the A pentatonic and the A dorian scale (Gmajor scale second degree )are mixed. The A dorian scale contains the A pentatonic notes.

    The second part is similar (from the13th bar) but the rhythm is not that simple.

    In the 21th bar things might sound a little strange to your ears, ’cause I play F#, D#, F, and D notes too over Bm7/5b. The reason is that I use B half-whole tone scale. This scale include the notes of the Bm7/5b (BDFA) cord.

    Don’t forget tuning 1 step down: E6=D, A=G, D=C, G=F, B=A, E1=D

    Time signature 4/4

    | A5 (F#4)| A5 | A5 | A5 |

    | D9 (D13)| D9 | A(m) | Am |

    | Bm7-5 | E10b | Am C13 | Fmaj7 E10b |


    A dorian ( Gmajor): ABCDEF#G
    A pentatonic: ACDEG
    B ½ 1 : BCDEbFF#G#A

    Good luck,

    See Ya soon.

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