Move Your Little Finger!

by Piotr Kaczor

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  • Hi all! In this lesson we are going to develop skills of our pinky :) The fifth finger is naturally not too strong so this exercise will help you strengthen the muscles and joints of the finger.

    This lesson was inspired by Bach's organ preludium. I've engaged a string orchestra to create a baroque mood :) So I hope that the backing track will help you to feel the great baroque atmosphere.

    We are going to use:

    - alternate picking,
    - barouque technics like ostinato,
    - sweep picking

    Tempo: 120
    Time sig: 4/4

    I used D minor scale.

    This is the preset I used for the POD XT live for this lesson:

    Amp: MS 2002 Angel P-Ball, Drive 4 - Bass 5 - Middle 6- Treble 4 - Presence 4
    Cab: 4x12 2001 Line 6
    Dly: Stereo Delay, Delay Time - 120(quarter note) - Mix 28%
    Rev: Medium Hall - Mix 20%
    Stomp: Classic Distortion

    The lesson is available in the guitar pro 5 file, mp3 backing tracks included.

    Have fun!


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