One String Solo in Amin

by Pedja Simovic

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  • Hello GMC! Welcome to part 2 of the series regarding Jazz and approach I use over this type of Jazz/Pop/Rock/Blues harmony.

    The key of this piece is (again) A minor, and around that A minor I use modal harmony. The scales used is A minor pentatonic only.

    Melody is played on a single string only!

    In this lesson I tried to create a melody in style of Mick Goodrick and piano players. The idea of this lesson was to help you think outside of regular boxes and limit yourself to create music using only one string (2 octaves range in the best case scenario, 24 frets).

    When you finish this lesson hopefully you would have captured and mastered some of the following techniques:

    - Playing on a single string

    - Alternate picking

    - Rhythmic repetition

    - Syncopated rhythm

    - Motive development

    - Q & A type of phrasing

    - Develop your ear

    Equipment I used for recording my sound was: Custom built guitar (G.Papazoglou) with Pod X3 live going directly to computer.

    Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments related to this lesson.

    I look forward hearing from you all!


    A minor pentatonic copy.jpg

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