Paul Gilbert Style Solo

by Jose Lassaga

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  • Hi GMC!
    This is the first lesson out of three dedicated to a great guitarist, Paul Gilbert. In this opportunity I've prepared a solo over a rock song. I've composed it long ago, while I was playing for "Purasangre", a local hard rock band. The chord progression is:

    //: Gm/ % / % / % :// X2
    //Bb/ % / C/Bb / % /Eb / % /F / % //

    In the first 8 bars I play Gm open position pentatonics. This position creats very large intervals that makes the solo sound more complex than it really is. In the next 4 bars I play a melody over Bb Lydain scale, and in the last 4 bars, Gm eolian scale. All this changes of scales makes the solo very dynamic. The tempo is very fast, quarter = 198. The main technique here is legato. Practice each part slow at first and then increase the speed, little by little. Enjoy it!!!

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