Phrasing and Dynamics 1

by Jose Mena

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  • Difficulty: 6
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  • Hello GMCers

    Welcome to my lesson about phrasing. Learning scales is important, and phrasing is simply how you choose to play the notes of a certain scales if we simply played up and down on a given scale this wouldn't be very interesting.

    When we begin to play lead guitar we learn certain phrases we know as licks, and put them together to create solos, but I wanted to encourage you to try and think of new phrases yourself.

    In this solo I mixed some common known licks with with phrases that are probably new to you, they were new to me too, my intention was to come up with somewhat complex phrases over a simple natural minor scale.

    Another important concept when soloing is dynamics, how hard you hit the strings, if you decide to palm mute or not, all this is personal choice of the performer, every one can have a different interpretation of the same piece, I invite you to experiment with dynamics, and play this lesson your own way, maybe start softer, or let the notes ring on the parts I muted, you could end up with an idea that you like more.

    I hope this gives you ideas on how to create solos with new and interesting phrases, new to you as it is likely that someone else has done it before, as might be the case with this lesson.

    The backing track is a simple and fun track to jam with. The live bass track was recorded by my brother Andres, after creating this lesson and jamming to it we had so much fun that we are going to regularly do this jam on shows if we need to kill time.

    Have fun with it


    E Minor.JPG
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