Phrygian Soloing - Advanced

by Muris Varajic

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  • Hello GMC, welcome to Phrygian Soloing lesson at Advanced level. Most of the licks here are pretty fast but learning them slowly and applying to your own playing will upgrade your skills a lot even if you're far away from advanced level at the moment!

    I used a bunch of different techniques here such as Economy Picking, Alternate Picking, Hybrid Picking, String Skipping, Legato, Sweeping etc, really a lot of material to work with.

    We we'll be using straight C Phrygian, no added notes or anything like that.

    Tempo is 80 bpm, 4/4 bar.

    Here are the settings for Korg Pandora PX4D:
    SGL > HUM 3.0
    US HI-G Gain 6.3 Bass 2.0 Middle 0.7 Treble 5.0
    JAZ 1x15 8.0
    No Mod Effx
    PPDLy3 5.3
    PLATE 1 1.7

    Practice hard and always have fun! :)

    Muris varajic

    C Phrygian.jpg

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