Shred Riffing

by Jose Mena

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  • Hello GMCers, welcome to my shred riffing lessons. This is the intro of a tune I wrote some time ago, heavily based on my Prog Metal influences.

    Sometimes when I write rhythm guitar lines I decide to simply do that follow the rhythm very closely with almost percussive guitar riffs. To accomplish this I use palm muting with alternate picking to give it that aggressive Paul Gilbert sound.

    An advice here would be to go easy on the distortion, too much of it makes the riffs sound muddy and unclear, giving you an exact setting on the gain or drive of your amp would be impossible since every guitar has a different output, if it sounds to muddy and you can't distinguish the notes very well, bring it down a little until it does.

    The whole riff is in the key of E minor with a few passing notes, nothing complicated as far as theory.

    Hope you enjoy the lesson

    Good luck and have fun


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