Skillet Style (inspired by Rebirthing)

by Carlos Carrillo

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  • Hey my friends of GMC! In this opportunity we are going to analyze the Skillet’s style!

    Classic rock riffs, swirling drums, monstrous hooks, and undeniably catchy choruses, hints of old school progressive rock mixed in with modern alternative flourishes, touches of classical influence as swelling strings intersect with sonic adrenaline rushes. It's indeed a fusion unlike any other, marking the latest chapter in the continuous evolution of Skillet, whose moniker couldn't be more fitting for their explosive new Lava/Atlantic Records release, Comatose.

    The project follows Skillet's 2004 Lava/Atlantic debut, Collide, which launched the group into the public eye with the single "Savior" (the #2 most added at CMJ's "Loud Rock and Crucial Spins" panel the first week out), and garnered the quartet a prestigious Grammy Award nomination. Collide went on to become their best-selling project to date, with over 200,000 units sold, while the band played some 200 dates a year - including tours with the likes of Saliva, Shinedown and Finger Eleven, Three Days Grace - in the process becoming one of the hardest working, heaviest rocking, and most broadly appealing acts of its generation.

    "We're proud of where we've been in the past, but I feel like this is our strongest record," says vocalist/bassist John Cooper of Comatose. Recorded at Chicago Recording Company (Smashing Pumpkins, Michael Jackson, R. Kelly), the album was produced by Brian Howes (from famed Canadian TVT band Closure and Hinder's hit debut) and mixed by maestros Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Hoobastank, Bon Jovi, P.O.D.) and David Bottrill (Tool, Staind). "There are so many different influences that it won't just be about rock audiences or metal audiences," notes Cooper. "I think there's something here for everybody."

    Band members
    Current members
    * John Cooper - lead vocals, bass (1996-present)
    * Korey Cooper - guitar, keyboard, vocals (1999-present)
    * Ben Kasica - guitar (2001-present)
    * Jen Ledger - drums (2008-present)

    Former members
    * Ken Steorts - guitar (1996 - 1999, founder of Visible School in Memphis, TN, a music and worship arts college)
    * Trey McClurkin - drums (1996 - 2000)
    * Kevin Haaland - guitar (1999 - 2001)
    * Faith Stern - keyboards, backing vocals (2002 - 2003, live shows only)
    * Chris Marvin - guitar, backing vocals (2002 - 2003, 2005 - 2006, live shows only)
    * Drea Winchell - keyboard (2005 - 2006, live shows only)
    * Lori Peters - drums (2000 - 2007)


    * 1996: Skillet
    * 1998: Hey You, I Love Your Soul
    * 2000: Invincible
    * 2001: Alien Youth
    * 2003: Collide
    * 2006: Comatose

    Live albums
    * 2000: Ardent Worship
    * 2008: Comatose Comes Alive

    I looked for a lot of information in videos to make this lesson. The live concerts helped me very much.
    The tuning is: Guitar tune down ½ steps, but with the Sixth string down.
    1) D# 4) C#
    2) A# 5) G#
    3) F# 6) C#

    You’ll work aspects like rhythm, scale uses, and we will centre in studying chords of octave, Riffs, Alternate picking, Down Picking, Vibratos and a great Solo!

    Audio Settings: to record this lesson I have used the POD X3 live.
    Analog Chorus: Depth 66%, Mix: 35%
    Analog Delay with modulation: 413ms, Mix: 43%, feedback: 43%
    Amp: 2001 tread plate dual.
    Cab: 4x12 tread, mic 57 axes.

    Nothing is impossible! Feel the music and God bless you!+

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