Slash Chords (Starters)

by Ramiro Delforte

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  • Hi GMC! In this lesson I will introduce to you to the concept of slash chords. This kind of chords are named this way because they have an altered bass that not always correspond to the sound of the chord.
    Here is a list of the slash chords and the different scales that you can play over them:

    C/C – C major & C lydian
    Gb/C – C altered & C half-step/whole-step diminished
    Db/C – C phrygian & C locrian
    G/C – C major
    D/C – C lydian
    Ab/C – Ab major
    Eb/C – C dorian
    Bb/C – C mixolydian
    E/C – C lydian augmented
    B/C – C whole-step/half-step diminished
    F/C – F major

    The progression in this lesson is: Bb/C – C/D – D/C – D/B – D/Bb – Eb/D – *E7-11 F7 F#m7 – Dmaj7 – Dm7-b13.

    *These three chords are in the same measure.

    A maj.jpg

    F major.jpg

    G maj.jpg
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