Triad Arpeggios Etude

by Ivan Mihaljevic

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  • This lesson is about sweep picked triad arpeggios!

    Sweep picking is a very popular technique these days, but a lot of players play it very sloppy and with uneven timing. This etude focuses on getting your sweep picking timing right! Start practicing very slowly.

    Another technique covered in this lesson is finger rolling. When you have to play 2 notes on the same fret on adjacent strings one after another, they must not ring into each other and that's where the finger rolling technique takes place!

    Learn these arpeggio shapes and try to incorporate them in your own playing and solos!

    The chord progression in this piece is Am F Dm Bdim C G Am E Am. The arpeggios follow this progression. All the chords are derived from the A minor scale except for the E major chord which comes from the A harmonic minor scale.

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