Walking Bass Lines

by Stephane Lucarelli

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  • Hello GMC! In this lesson, we'll see how to build a walking bass line with chord accompaniment. It's a standard jazz blues progression in the key of G.

    The difficulty lies in the combination of two things : keeping the bass going and adding some chord voicings on the top of our bass line.

    It takes time, but when we master this technique, it gives a cool impression of two instruments playing together.

    The bass line will out lines the chords/ harmony and is build with the combination of :
    - Chord tones / Arpeggios
    - Diatonic tones
    - Chromatic tone (half-step approach from above or below)

    Your picking hand:
    - Play the bass line with your thumb, on the lowest two strings.
    - Chords are played with your index, middle, and ring fingers together.

    Have fun!


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